Deck Installation

Our Deck Installation Process

We offer a variety of time-tested, pre-designed deck layouts that our expert builders can install. Have you already purchased a deck kit that you would like installed? No problem!  Contact us for a quote to discuss options. Our estimator will consult with you, survey the site, and provide you with a quote for installation. When it comes time to install your new deck, we will do what we do best – make sure the job is done right! 

FAQs About Custom Decks

This is basically like asking how much a car costs.

You can go car shopping for a brand new car and find cars from $20,000 for a Honda all the way to $200,000 for a luxury sports car.

It’s the same with decks. A small, simple (but still beautiful) deck might only cost $2,000 or $3,000. However, a 1,000 square foot, intricately designed customized deck might cost over $50,000. 

Deck repairs can be as quick as 1-2 hours or as long as a couple of weeks. 

It totally depends on: 

  • How damaged your deck is
  • What type of materials we need to get in order to fix it
  • How much of the work is structural vs. cosmetic

Deck Building Pros operates every month of the year. 

If it’s sunny, we’re building.

If it’s cloudy, we’re building.

If it’s raining, we’re building.

As of now, Deck Building Pros is only licensed and insured in the state of Oregon and Utah. However, we are quickly working to become licensed and insured in as many states as possible.

Right now, we currently do not have any teams in Canada. However, we are looking to head up north soon.